I've always been the quiet girl, just the one who's amazing

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I've always been the quiet girl, just the one who's amazing at drawing but no one knows much about her. Recently I've been trying to be more confident and engage more with others in school, and it's draining. I feel like everyone belongs to a group, popular, sporty, awkward, emo, i dont even know but I'm just floating around, I have friends who are emo, or awkward, and even one popular. But when I'm finally trying to accept that I can be myself and try to embrace it, sometjing always stops me, it's annoying, why can't I stand up for myself against a group of stupid popular girls, but instead they call me a b*tch and I just lose it and while they laugh and call me a b*tch over and over I just walk away my face burning until I can find a place to hide. Or when that boy calls me racial slurs and I walk an extra 5 minutes to get home just to avoid him. And all my friends aren't in my classes or even my school, why, and how can I just make them stop?

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May 25

Does ur depression go

May 26

the only person you need to accept in this life is you.. and love yourself.. no need to try to be someone else.. it never works. and it doesnt make you a better person s

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May 26

You are not alone. PLease know that. you are cared about and loved. I have gone through (and still do go through) similar things. Maybe we can get through this together? I am here if you need someone to talk to


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