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I was diagnosed with genital herpes type 1 last year right b

I was diagnosed with genital herpes type 1 last year right before I was about to turn 17. I was on xanax really bad & don’t remember much from the whole month of March/April ? I don’t even remember. But it was bad. I don’t know who I got it from, cause apparently I had sex with 3 people in the same week. I am disgusted in myself still. As soon as I got diagnosed, I tried to confide in my brother & a friend or 2. I trusted them. I just needed comfort. Next thing I know I’m getting all these harassing Facebook messages & calls from unknown numbers calling me nasty & a *** & basically just telling me I should kill myself. A year later & I still think they’re right. I mean half of me believes I’m not worth anything because of what I did to myself, but the other half of me knows I never asked for this, this was never intentional, & w***ver took advantage of me when I was off drugs is the one in the wrong. To this day though, I’m stuck between 2 options. Die. Or move out of state. I don’t want to die but that seems like the easiest way to stop feeling this pain. I’ve always struggled with lack of self confidence but since last year it went up to a whole new level.

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dan1950's picture
Sep 8

The new you says "I don't need a Facebook account!!! and I have better things to do."

Sep 10

@Totruga You made a mistake and it didnt turn out well. Unfortunately, one of the males you were with was not responsible enough to acknowledge his condition. All of that is not a reason for you to now feel guilty or depressed or to listen to anyone on Facebook.

The people on Facebook who do that are ones who are self-righteous. They believe they have a right to condemn others as though they have no faults. Dan is right- close your Facebook account. You dont need it or them.

Instead of feeling bummed-out or depressed, recognize that you made a mistake and that you will not repeat it again. Thats all you have to do. No guilt or condemnation. They only bring you down like the Facebook people. You are a very worthy person. Know that and resolve to move on with your life expecting positive things to happen for you. If youre not able to do that right now, find a therapist to support you until youre feeling better.

piikoi07's picture
Sep 11

Im horrified that someone is bulling you and telling you to kill yourself. In time you will come to terms with this, get medication and live your life. Hugs.


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