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I'm bullied at school and my classmates abuse me emotionaly,

I'm bullied at school and my classmates abuse me emotionaly, I feel very lonely and I only have a few friends. I want to self harm but I don't have the courage to do that. I feel useless sometimes and I don't know why I care so much. I don't have enough courage to talk to anyone about my problems at school or about the tought of self harm. I don't know how to deal with everything beacause I am very friendly and social and beacause I am a good student everybody in my class stopped talking to me. I don't like to be ignored. Thanks for reading!

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Feb 17, 2017

@WoundedDuck - that's a pretty good video with some excellent advice.

YouTube has a LOT of anti-bullying videos too.

Feb 19, 2017

I am glad you like it. We are all in this together. Attempting to better ourselves on this bumpy road. I really enjoy the video as it provides practical steps, ready-to-apply information based on everlasting principles.

Feb 21, 2017

I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing this. You mentioned that you were not able to talk with anyone about this. Is it possible to send an email or letter to the school guidance counselor or a trusted teacher. Maybe even suggest through the email or letter a lecture/training/school activity about bullying and the punishment of students that are bullying others. Even if you are afraid to put your name on the letter, at least reach out to the school officials and hopefully they will begin to implement an action plan against bullying.


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