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Someone recently asked me to share how certain newer technol

Someone recently asked me to share how certain newer technologies can be deceitfully used...
Today let's examine deep fake:
Let's discuss how deep fake videos can be made of unsuspecting average people...

Your phone has a camera on it...when you talk on the phone using speaker phone most people hold it up facing their face...it's a natural way to talk on speaker phone...

If you have someone secretly stalking you using your phone's capabilities they can easily activate your camera while you're having a conversation on speaker phone without your knowledge...your entire conversation will be video recorded without your knowledge...then they can use deep fake AI to change what was said during that conversation to ANYTHING they want...and post it anywhere online they want...you will not know you were recorded!!!! You will not know that what you said was changed!!!! A covert narcississt stalker hiding behind technology can ruin YOU!!!!!! They can make it seem that you said things you did not say...and you may not ever know...

So next time your talking on speaker phone and holding it up in front of your face you better hope you're not hated by someone will the skills to destroy your life!!!

Let's say you use talk to text for personal journaling...deep fake voice technology can be used to secretly record your talk to text also...deep fakes are not just videos!!!!

Lyrebird AI is one of many apps used...

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Jan 14

@Karinah, it makes sense in the narc mirror to say they want us to track them so we'll go, "oh that's ridiculous) and not even realize it's what they're doing to us all along. Like how my husband would act like I isolated him when it was him doing it to me all along.

Karinah's picture
Jan 14

@Scat - Yes, I was just thinking about that. I wish there was a common term for it because it's hard to explain. But, it's part of most all of my interactions with the ex. When he wants something he will not use words. If he did it might mean I would ask him to reciprocate. So he just arranges things in a narc way to ensure he gets what he wants without having to ask and at the same time he tries to make me look crazy or like the bad guy.

Jan 15

@Karinah The Duluth model - power and control wheel. Falls under two categories:
Emotional abuse - Putting her down. Making her feel bad about herself. Calling her names. Making her think she's crazy. Playing mind games. Humiliating her. Making her feel guilty.
Minimizing, Denying, Blaming - Making light of the abuse and not taking her concerns about it seriously. Saying the abuse didn't happen. Shifting responsibility for abusive behavior. Saying she caused it.

Of course, "she" could be "he."


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