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I dont get my mums logic. In attempts to stop me frkm cuttin

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I dont get my mums logic. In attempts to stop me frkm cutting she has blocked me from getting on any social media. All she is doing is isolating me and making mw loose friends but she doesnt care. I f**king hate her. Y is she such a d**k. She is always shouting at me. She told me off for not saying that i love her and because i treat her and my dad differently. Thats cos i like my dad but i punch my dad cos we play fight but if i did that to my mum she would flip at me. I cabt wait till i can leave this hell hole

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Mar 12

I think one of the reasons why parents sometimes act like that is because they don't know what your intentions are, or they don't understand what you're doing and what will be the result of it. Your parents care about you a lot, and want the best for you. She most likely yells at you because she doesn't realize how much it affects you or she doesn't understand what's bothering you, or she doesn't know how to help you. I used to be the same way too, a few years ago, I started suffering from depression, and every time I'd try to open up my feelings to my parents, they'd yell at me, which caused me to end up bottling up my emotions and make it hard for me to open up to and trust anyone.

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Mar 13

Hello Zellla,
Am sorry to hear that your mum is treating you this way. The shouting and ignoring your feeling is not fair on you. I suggest you look for the right time when your mum is in a good mood and talk to her about how you feel about the way she treat you. The timing is always necessary. Did she give you any reason for the restriction? I know that almost every parent act in the best interest of their children. Depending on how old you are some kind of boundaries on social media is necessary. But I think you mum will have to discuss with you about that. My daughter knows what is expected of her and what is necessary for her at this point in her life. Social media is not the only place you can make friends. You can make real friends outside social media so that you can interact with then face to face level or talk with. That helps better with your interpersonal relationship rather than social media. I hope that things get better between you and your mum. This an interesting article that I came across. You can look at it when you have the time. ( Best wishes Zellla.

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Mar 14

@ollyvie i have friends irl and i talk to them but on a night when i get back from school the interaction stops. I cant talk to my friends on a night and it isolates me from them. I miss out on stuff and it is slowly pushing me away from everyone.


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