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So, I haven't been to a doctor about this, and I can't full

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So, I haven't been to a doctor about this, and I can't full on say I'm bulimic. But I still struggle with body image, praying to God I never go over the weight I'm at right now, or so help me. I have to say almost a year ago, I began dealing with eating issues. I felt too full or just plain sick to my stomach after eating literally anything. At first I thought it was anxiety, just the nervousness with school or going out that was making me sick. But then it just kept going. I'd go days without eating hardly anything in hopes I could just sort of detox and get over it... But here I am, still dealing with it a year later. I can't remember the last time I didn't throw up after eating even the smallest of meals, and then trying to compensate for the lack of nutrients by just eating again and again. I am so done with this cycle. My body and head hurt, I'm so scared of the 'fatal' injuries this could have on me that I read about. I can't focus because its all I think about... I know its a lot and a little scrambled up, but any advice?

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Sep 12

Are you making yourself throw up or do you just throw up, either way this is really concerning as this is either an Eating disorder or something else, either way, is therapy something you have considered? Perhaps talking to a doctor may be a good first step.

Sep 14

Are you making yourself throw up or it's involuntary? It's def something you need to see a professional for, but when you said your praying you don't go over your weight suggest you have an eating disorder. I too struggle, but I have learned to speak positive things on myself instead of constantly judging and putting myself down. It all begins with a thought and the more we train our minds to replace the negative thoughts the more we begin to love ourselves. I don't even weigh myself anymore, because my life is not defined by that number, I see my true worth in who I am in Christ and what he created me to be. It's easy to get lost in the definition that society has on how we should look or how much we should weigh, but it does not define our worth. Our life is worth much more than a number on the scale or on a pair of jeans.... and although each day is a choice, a choice to love ourselves or hate ourselves, every time you look in the mirror tell yourself you beautifully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14) because God thinks you are. Best of luck on your journey!

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