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New here. I have suffered from bulimia off and on for 15 yea


New here. I have suffered from bulimia off and on for 15 years but the last year has been especially bad. I have never told a single soul about it and have suffered alone for a long time. Last night my husband (who has known me over 10 years) discovered my secret and I broke down and told him everything. He was so upset with me and his trust is completely broken. I’m so ashamed and I’m at such a low right now. He’s so angry at me and I don’t blame him. Especially bc we are wanting to have children and my disease is preventing this. I’m so ashamed and mad at myself and I haven’t felt this low in a long time. I hope he will forgive me and I hope I can forgive myself and move forward with a happy healthy life.

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Apr 18

It is hard, but you can build trust back my being as honest as possible. Seeking out help right away is a show of good faith too. Maybe seek out a therapist or group. Wishing you peace, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I experienced something similar, but having a therapist has shown good faith.

Apr 18

Try not to be so hard on yourself, nobody wants to have this illness, nor are you doing it on purpose. I'm sure he will forgive you and it might be a good thing that he is aware of the situation, hopefully he can offer support in recovering from this.

Apr 19

Welcome to the group. THank you for sharing your struggles with us. I'm glad that you decided to reach out. Healing from this disorder can begin when we start reaching out and letting people in to our lives and our struggles. 10 years is a long time to go without support, and support is what we so desperately need! Please don't be ashamed or embarrassed. You have an illness. Sometimes it's hard for those who love us to hear the struggles that we are going through. Often times, they are sad for us, angry at us etc, but often times it's because they are also angry and upset at themselves for not seeing we needed help. They blame themselves for not being there for us. Many people also don't understand our disorders and think we are just being selfish and should "just get over it." Give your SO some time to process this. Let him feel whatever he's feeling and let him settle it in his mind. I'm sure that if he loves you, he is going to forgive you and do all that he can to help you. Allow him to help you. Seek out help from a therapist and a support group. I know you have been dealing with this a very long time. You aren't meant to walk this journey alone and healing is possible! Keep us updated on how you are doing! Wishing you the best!

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