I am over a year clean from bulimia I'm still haunted from i

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I am over a year clean from bulimia I'm still haunted from it. It was a part of my life for over 17 years it is crazy it took so much of my life. It has messed me up in so many ways. I have many crowns in my teeth, my esophagus is messed up food aleays comes up, I am always cold, poor circulation, I haven't had a period in over a year. I have been suffering from binge eating the last year without purging and I've felt just as bad as if I were still bulimic and feel like **** every time I binge eat, which is many nights a week.

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May 15

I am very sorry. we do have a binge eating group here that may help

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May 18

I feel you. It Is amazing you have over a year. I'm working on being close to 60 days and already feel the distance and relief of It but constantly battling the negative thoughts towards self and struggling with binges without purging . Hugs and love to you . You r not alone.


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