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... I am not one to usually ask medical questions but.. I sl


... I am not one to usually ask medical questions but.. I slipped up majorly today. I binged twice, and made myself sick twice (I know really bad, I have not been doing the best), and the second time I ended up with a bloody nose...? This is probably the second one I have ever had in my life, and now I have a splitting headache. Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe just a coincidence? Kinda really worried.. Thanks. I hope everyone else had a better, more productive day!

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Dec 6

@CKBlossom I’ve been trying to stay a lot more positive. And trying to fix things one thing at a time, and I’m feeling better. Thanks for asking. How have you been??

Dec 9

Bulimia is a life-threatening disease. It messes up with your electrolyte levels and can lead to heart failure. There are many other issues that can arise from it as well. The nose bleeding probably occurs mainly due to rupturing of small blood vessels due to pressure created by vomiting. The blood pressure in your head rises and the tiny blood vessels in your nose can burst. I know it's not easy to stop, I am a former bulimic so I understand. But I would suggest to at least try to manage your electrolyte levels (especially if you experience swelling), it is super dangerous.

Dec 10

@lagorda okay!! Thank you, I’m really trying to refrain from purging cause of this incident it was extremely... scary. I guess is a way to put it. But thank you for the info!! I appreciate knowing why it happened and such. <3


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