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Hi, so I've been struggling with bulimia for around 5yrs now


Hi, so I've been struggling with bulimia for around 5yrs now. When I'm around others I'm fine and I know my limits, but when I'm alone I eat, throw up, eat, throw up, repeat. It's not necessarily because of wanting to lose weight but food is just so addictive and I want to eat all of it - I have no idea why I'm doing it. When I went to Colombia for two months last year I didn't even feel the need to do it once, but it came back straight away when I gog home. Right now I'm suffering from breathing issues and chest pains and I'm pretty sure it's from throwing up all the time. I know I have to stop, but it is so difficult. I'm on day four of not throwing up right now and I need some support to get me through the healing process. Thanks for reading everyone


Thanks so much for looking for support. We're here if you need. I struggled with bulimia for ten, hellish, awful, long years. So I can definitely relate and I'm here if you need someone to listen. I remember how impossible it felt to try and stop, too. Just remember there are things available to you to make it easier--seek a counselor/therapist if you haven't already! And look for in-person support groups in your area. Sometimes you have to dig a little on the internet to find them. So don't give up if you search online for five minutes and don't find anything! It's the best advice I can think of at the moment. Just remember we're always here to talk! Sending you lots of warmth and supporting vibes!

Oct 15

You can get through this. It may feel very dark and hopeless now, but I want to tell you that you can get better. I was in the same situation. There were moments when I was able to go months without purging, and then a change of scenery and I regress back to the same place. I felt like such a failure then. But now, every day without doing it is a win and I still get tempted sometimes but the desire can easily be distracted. But you make a good observation, that there are certain places or situations that are more triggering for you. Counseling or talking to someone else can be helpful to identify what they are. Sending you lots of support. You can do it.


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