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Hi all, I am at a standstill with my recovery and I'm at the


Hi all, I am at a standstill with my recovery and I'm at the point I'm reaching out to anyone who understands first hand and maybe has some better advise for me. I'm 25, my ED started when I was 9. Up until 2 years ago no one ever knew or had a clue. Two years ago I got so sick and depressed it just kind of all came out and a admitted everything to my family and started treatment with my Dr. and CBT therapy one month later. This was two years ago and I no longer talk to my Dr. about it the very little I can afford to see him and I can no longer afford my therapist who was great but did not have experience with eating disorders. I was his first client with an eating disorder and he tried to find my a specialist in my area or close enough for me to get to and there just aren't any. I live in a very rural area and help for things like this are limited. My family is supportive but doesn't understand it at all. My husband is kind and tries to support me but doesn't ever say or do anything when I need him just from lack of not knowing what to say or do. I feel isolated and don't know how to kick this. It dominates my life and is holding me back I want to be done with this and it's all easy to say it but in the moment of binge and purge all logical thought and reason goes out the window. Any tips, help anything would be much appreciated.

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Dec 9

Oh my god I can so relate, I am so tired of this ruling my life. Thoughts of what to eat and what not to eat fill the day. It makes me feel suicidal sometimes bc I just am sick of it. I am 46 and have been struggling with this since 13 yrs old. I have gotten sober 5 yrs ago but this ED is ruining my life


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