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Hello, I am looking for a place of non judgement. I have fe

I am looking for a place of non judgement. I have felt pressure and judgement from OA. Pressure to follow the steps and have a sponser. The problem is, I just want a place where I can give and receive support in this pivitol momends when things are about to go to ****. Is this a safe place where if I am feeling the pressure, that I can go? I struggle with Bulimia, poor self esteem and body image, occasional substance abuse, alcohol use, sexual trauma, and occasionally SI. I'm in my 30's, in a long term committed relationship, have a young child, work full time and am in school full time. Thanks for listening.

Mar 13

congratulations on coming here! Everyone here is very supportive. you can update your situation here and ask for help and support. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Mar 14

Thanks for taking the time to write me and to welcome me. I've been doing ok, having several days without b/p, but I am worried that I may be triggered today and become out of control....I don't know how to slow it down once it starts (b/p).

Mar 27

My belief is that people have unmet needs and when these needs are not identified, people seek different coping mechanisms to satisfy those needs. The way people cope can be good or bad, temporary or permanent. In any case, alcohol, drugs, substance abuse, pornography, etc are all superficial attempts to fulfill a person. For me I have a deep rooted fear of rejection which makes me seek the approval of others. By not making myself aware, I can be influenced easily by negative behaviors (drugs/alcohol) in order to accepted.


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