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Hello, I am looking for a place of non judgement. I have fe

I am looking for a place of non judgement. I have felt pressure and judgement from OA. Pressure to follow the steps and have a sponser. The problem is, I just want a place where I can give and receive support in this pivitol momends when things are about to go to ****. Is this a safe place where if I am feeling the pressure, that I can go? I struggle with Bulimia, poor self esteem and body image, occasional substance abuse, alcohol use, sexual trauma, and occasionally SI. I'm in my 30's, in a long term committed relationship, have a young child, work full time and am in school full time. Thanks for listening.

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Mar 19

Hi Crossroads2384, How are you doing? It's been a few days since you've posted, so I'm hoping you are having a good week.

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Mar 19

Thank you for checking in. I had a few rough days where I b/p after 8 days of being free from it. I then started drinking which made things worse and was overall feeling pretty low. But i've reached out for support and although this is all painful, I'm reassured that I can begin again. Hope you are well, thanks for the support.


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