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Each binge is the last one for years now..I've been bulimic

Each binge is the last one for years now..I've been bulimic for 8 years now.. finally time to admit it and start dealing with it. I've been borderline obsessed with food since I was a young child. I'm a very naturally happy go lucky person, but when it comes to food I just struggle to control myself. I have no excuse. I have an awesome family with no traumatic episodes.. I just let food control me and purge to avoid gaining weight. Tonight I decided to eat a huge dinner and purge it before my husband got home- the urge is so strong. It's time for me to take control back.. I've let this control me for too long. Glad to read others stories.

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Feb 16, 2017

It's not about control or willpower. My ED grew around my fear of being out of control. For me, Acceptance and admitting that I am powerless is key.
I think it's so brave that you joined this site and opened up about your struggles! Because it was tough for me to admit and I felt ashamed...


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