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not great today. I have been trying to have a purge free day

not great today. I have been trying to have a purge free day for 4 months now. I still havent made it happen .

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May 16

But you keep fighting for that day and that is something to be proud of.

May 21

I know how that feels. But I have to brag that I've been able to eat 2 days in a row and keep it down! Partially because I discovered my bipolar meds were 2x 2 strong. Readjusting the dosage has helped many aspects of my life - I have more energy, my appetite is up and my digestion is great. I lost so much weight that I'm what some would call skin and bones. So I'm looking forward to having enough energy to workout, get buff even.

May 27

I had always found to not have any sugars or other binge foods in the house at all. If u desire to eat healthy 3 times a day. U r usually safe from binges as long as u do not take that 1st bite after dinner. This is just what i know works for myself and a lot of people.


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