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Hi. Im a year and a half past diagnosis. Struggleing with de

Hi. Im a year and a half past diagnosis. Struggleing with depression. Ive beeen so sick with multiple infections this last year. Horrible fatigue. Its like my life is draining away. If I had known I would atill feel this bad. I dont think estioning if treatment really was worth it? Or havong long term effects of chemo immune system failure? Its hard for me to even walk around my house it makes me feel exhausted just taking a shower. Ugh. I hope it eventually gets better but its just taking so long.I would have done treatment. Anybody else qu

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Apr 28, 2017

I think you should go forward with your t-shirt idea. You might find it very therapeutic and you might find sharing your story may help someone or several cope or maybe you might be able to educate doctors into adding another level of treatment after surgery is over. Both you and Gdoodles are opening up the truth about some problems that the medical community may overlook while treating your cancer. I hope you both and others going thru and have upcoming surgery in their future will be sure to consult a mental health professional for coping techniques too. Nobody can appreciate what you are going thru unless you share, and i thank you for sharing. Good luck.

May 2, 2017

I hope you really don't mean your last sentence. I have no right to say this but: there is a reason for your survival even though it was horrible getting here. I hope you find peace and happiness again.

May 2, 2017

What was the t shirt idea?I havnt figured out to read other posts yet.
The strange thing is I do feelat peace. Im not suicidal. Im just not sure that all the sickness of chemo andradiation. And now the side effects of Adrenal fatigue. I will have to live with being so weak and tired and dealing with infections for the rest of my life untill one finally kills me. Living like this isnt really living.
The cure for me is worse than dying of cancer. If I had known how sick I would be long term now. I wouldnt have done the"cure".
Im a burden on my family and friends. My husband and I had plans for retirement that we cant do now.
I think that Drs. Need to be more honest with people when they come for treatment. Tell us our life will never be the same. We wont have the same strength and ability we had before. We will never look or feel like we did before treatment.
We should be allowed to make an informed decision. Just surviving isnt the goal. Being able to live fully again is.
Not all treatments are as harsh as mine was. Some cancers now can be cured without nearly killing the patient.
One oncologist called the treatment I got barberic. It was in anonline comment. He was right.

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