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If you are looking at this group and think it is forgotten,


If you are looking at this group and think it is forgotten, rest assured that i do check this site at least twice a week. I encourage anyone needing help, wanting to post suggestions to feel free. There is also a FAQ on the bottom of this page, and more info to the right. Please do not suffer alone. Having the diagnosis of cancer is upsetting and frightening: reach out to someone for support and strength,

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Sep 11, 2017



Thank you. I am new to this. I just began grad school after it being deffered due to being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I thought I was doing well coping with my disease but being in school again I've realized that I really haven't dealt with feelings about it. I began chemotherapy late last August, I'm being to have flash backs and memories of how sick I was during that time. It's been a surreal experience and trauma.

Sep 18, 2017

@[email protected]@35
I am so sorry to hear about what you have gone thru. If you would like to talk about what you have gone thru or just someone to talk to: please consider me.


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