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I would like to welcome all visitors to our group. I know t


I would like to welcome all visitors to our group. I know this is not an easy subject to discuss: but, it does help letting off some steam, sharing your pain,. And, asking for support is good for both recipients. If you are coping with this horrible disease: please share your pain with your loved ones. Please let others share in your experiences, even if you believe you are sparing them pain. Please take it from a relative who was denied knowing the truth as it backfired in the end. I know you that are suffering, want to be treated normal, and believe by sparing your loved ones sorrow that you are being noble and brave. I believe instead, you are denying us family members the chance to say all that should've been said already, such as : " I AM SORRY, i love you"., AND, you are denying us the opportunity to make positive happy memories but most of all : you are denying us the chance to :" love you one last time". Thank you for sparing me pain , but in created more pain as trust becomes a consequence forgotten. My family, has been ripped apart since our daughter died. I know she meant well by not sharing how sick she was, but in the end because she did not trust us......she has divided up the family permanently! Please don't do this to your family.

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