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Wow. What a week. My daughter started high school. Her biol

Wow. What a week. My daughter started high school. Her biological dad took her sister's mom to court and filed the paperwork to take me to court also. Not to mention he showed up at my parents. Then I get into an argument with a manager at my son's work because she got rude with my daughter and made her cry. She was bad mouthing me and my daughter got upset about it. Needless to say when she came out in the parking lot I went up to her and confronted her. I'm the type of mom that you hurt one of my kids I turn into Tyler Perry's character Madea. I don't play.

Aug 12

:( why are people so bitter, there's no need to be rude

ajohnston3578's picture
Aug 13

You're right. There is no need in it. When I went to her boss about it first she tried to lie and say she didn't say anything. Then she tried to say that she was just joking.

Aug 14

@ajohnston3578 don't take it to heart :( she's just a stranger


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