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Why is it that I've been in the same career for 8.5 years, y

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Why is it that I've been in the same career for 8.5 years, yet only in the last .5 year have all my clients been buttholes? This should be when I'm becoming successful and respected, yet it's the opposite. Rejection is one thing, but these people are downright insulting.

I don't think there's anything else I can do for a living. Can't do a traditional job because of extreme introversion, insomnia, and an Asperger's-type personality. I don't say that last item disparagingly. One therapist suggested I had ASD, but the PhD who did the official screening said no. Still, I apparently come off that way to at least one person. Which reminds me that all the therapists are buttholes too.

Thank God for my cat, books, movies, and Nancy Drew computer games. That's all I know.

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Aug 9

Okay, I'm adding more to this rant because I have absolutely nobody to talk to in my life. So I just got over a bizarre skin infection. Now I have this weird pain in my hand that only hurts when I push on it. But I mean, excruciating pain, like I'm being stabbed or electrocuted--way worse than my kidney stone. I didn't injure my hand; I can move it fine; and it looks fine externally. So I have to see a hand specialist. WTF

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Aug 10

You know, the cat, books, movies and Nancy Drew computer games all sound pretty good to me. What have you been reading lately? I'm still working on "Dispatches from Pluto" and "The Buddha and the Borderline". I wouldn't mind getting into the - what was it called?? Nancy Drew's Hidden Staircase?

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Aug 13

Thanks for your response. Yes, a simple life looks glorious with the wisdom of age. I used to think I was supposed to be like the rich, skinny New Yorkers you see in movies. Who are played by celebrities who in real life often can't deal with real life. So it's all kind of a pointless sale of an empty, imaginary notion of what life should be like.

I was just thinking today of how people think I'm a freak because I'm not hung up on finding a romantic relationship. I love being in love. I love sex. I love all of that. But it inevitably turns into arguments over whose turn it is to wash the dishes. I don't find that appealing at all. So maybe my goal is to date and start over every three to five years with someone new. LOL

Oh, I listened to "The Buddha and the Borderline" on audio last year. It made me feel a lot better about myself. I didn't know about the Nancy Drew movie in production--thanks for that! Here's a link to the games: https://www.herinteractive.com/shop-games/all-games/

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