What do you guys do when you don't have favourite person?? I

What do you guys do when you don't have favourite person?? I had one, didn't realize thats what it was til like 10mins ago. I finally told him to leave me alone and let me be, because I keep trying to cut him off but I always go back the second he texts me. So this morning I finally told him to go away. He said ok, and now I just feel lost. I hate this non-stop feeling of loneliness. I just want someone to want me and put effort in to be with me. This guy treated me like crap so I know I'm doing the right thing but like now what? How do I cope? What do I do?


Hi, I don’t know the specifics of the relationship with your favorite person. I’m new to having Borderline (or knowing I do). Seems like most have a favorite person, I typically do. I can feel elated from their comfort and a second later be close to writing the person off forever for a minor slight. Usually my favorite person knows me and believes I’m worth the occasional outburst. I can be a handful, everyone has bad days and I know dealing with me has extremely difficult times. I hope if this guy is your favorite person, there’s a reason he is! He must see the good in you. Maybe he needs some space and is doing what you asked. Also, I can’t stand when people text, “ok.” I’m obviously emotional why can’t you see this a respond accordingly! Texts leave you open to a lot of misinterpretation. Good luck, I hope this situation resolves itself.


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