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UGHHHHHH. Why are people so atrociously snobby and rude? st

UGHHHHHH. Why are people so atrociously snobby and rude?
story time: I was best friends with this girl for years back when i was 18, we are like conjoined twins thats how close we were. Then as we grew olde; she became flakier & dodgy and sketchy, with a side of unwarranted nasty attitudes. She wouldn't answer my texts nothing.
She ghosted me, for no reason..but randomly i came across her instagram and decided to send her a message, wishing her well, sorry about her loss, and that i always think about her because i miss her. Its been over 15hrs, and I got no response, nothing. I wasn't asking to be friends again but ****.. What did i do to her? It's really bothering me, because I feel hurt over something so stupid.

Oct 12

:( it's sad how people can hold grudges for so long. She has changed, and you're not the one to blame


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