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***TW*** Wanted to let everyone know I am okay. Physicall

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Wanted to let everyone know I am okay. Physically. Well, alive. Physically I am in a lot of pain. And I am still fighting these thoughts and impulses to just do it. It seems so logical. I don't know what to do to stop it.

But I am still here looking for a reason and fighting this everyday. I need help. I feel really alone with this because I can't talk to anyone I know about it because it just hurts them.

Life is too hard for some of us. And you give it years and you work hard to recover and live your life again. But it doesn't take. And then suicide seems logical. If you keep trying and failing, you should stop trying.

I'm sorry I don't have better news about how I am doing. But wanted to let you guys know I am still here.

I hope everyone is well.

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Oh my goodness! I just realized that i wrote this as a reply to her post. Omg i am so bad with technology. I thought i had started a new one. @Ofelia, i am so sorry. @krisobel thank you for the suggestions.

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Sep 13

@Pretendyoudontknowme - No worries. You can start a new post about sleep. Everything is okay. :)

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Sep 13

@Ofelia I certainly don't mean to minimize the complexity of your despair. But some ideas for coaching you through a career change (I know how hard it is to think clearly and hopefully):
*Department of rehabilitative services
*A social worker / case manager through local health department or similar
*Employment commission
*Career center at your former college or high school
Psychiatrist might be able to refer you somehow?

Also, does your husband acknowledge that you'd do better in a part-time situation as you mention? If so, you might just have to find ways to cut expenses drastically. If you were home more often, you could do a lot of stuff to save money.

Could you apply for disability?


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