That I'm in my mid 40s being told to take DBT courses to hel

That I'm in my mid 40s being told to take DBT courses to help me out. I'm at an age where its to late to change. I refuse to let this old dog learn new tricks. I'm not gonna change thats my decision. I'm old have metastatic cancer so no need ro change my ways. I can't even commit to taking a shower once a month let alone commit to a class twice a week for a year. Uh no. Sorry for being irrational

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Apr 11

@Kirtten Hello yes I am medicated I take Lamictal, Abilify, Adderall, Klonopin. I really do not take care of nyself at all. I don't shower, brush my teeth comb my hair or get out of my pjs let alone bed. I lack motivation and am just so tired. I've tried about 90% of the medications out there and nothing.

Apr 11

My ADHD meds help so much. I sometimes take one in bed the minute I wake up and it helps the rest fall into place. I barely functed before the dexies, and this way works really welll, for me at least. I see a psychiatrist regularly too as once I have that right I have more clarity to deal with the psych work. I up the dex dose when I really struggle. But I need my other meds balanced by the psych before i adjust the rest. I struggled without a good psychiatrist – and with regulsr catch ups. Its also normal for me to have bad patches where I just sit on the bathroom floor and can't get into the shower. But even though it doesn't seem like it, those times do pass. X

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Apr 13

@Kirtten Great questions to ask!


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