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tell me, is it better to stay with someone who is not good f

tell me, is it better to stay with someone who is not good for you/potentially abusive or better to fight the pain of being alone?

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Jul 14

omg just fight the pain of being alone..
no , you should enjoy being alone
I thought i loved some of my bf but from the last one and last time i talked to him have been like 2 months or month and i don't even think about him. Because 1.lots of things changed in my life and 2. because of that i had more time to spend with friends and yes also my sometimes terrible family and i saw how it is when someone cares for you. met new people in kind of camp , saw how other people communicate and escaped my little cage of feeling worthless and wanting someone anyone to appreciate me in the way they can which was usually bad.
It just really gets better with time- AND different environment.
Look at other couples if it helps and see how they are living and treating each other- in a healthy way. What are the nice attitudes you would like in your life for you and what that -THAT one other person can't give you, but healthy ones can. advice :)

Jul 15

Try and embrace being alone and enjoy the freedom.its so hard at first but every day you get stronger and when you feel safe and secure alone you can handle anything in life and don't need to rely on anyone ever again

Jul 17

i am scared


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