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Super new to this whole thing. Guess I just didn't know wher

Super new to this whole thing. Guess I just didn't know where else to go; what else to do.
Been dealing with an emotionally abusive (now) ex all weekend. Hours of manipulation, attempted black mail, and guilt trips has done a number on me.
I suppose I'm feeling alone. Which always makes it hard not to play the self-blame game.
Trying to keep it together but I can feel the emotionless walls cracking.
My go-to is always dissociation, or in some cases extreme self destruction, but I'm not trying to wreck my whole life right now.
Any advice on how to keep my head above water?
Much love ❤

norseduncan's picture
Oct 9

do all you can to put him in the rear view mirror where he belongs. he's past tense. past tense cant be changed, so why should it be allowed to change you?

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Oct 11

Welcome to the BPD Support Group, @AlienRiots - sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. How are things going for you today?


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