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Sent my shrink an email a few hours after our meeting asking

Sent my shrink an email a few hours after our meeting asking to meet again in one week instead of our usual 2 weeks because I thought of something important that I want to talk about. She said sure we can meet in one week, but a little more time has passed and now I feel like it can wait and I could probably use more time to think about things. This has happened before. Part of me wants to just stick with whats been agreed upon and meet in one week because I'm embarrassed to have made an impulsive decision and it would be rude to reschedule again. But another part of me thinks that a meeting in one week would be close to a waste of time for both of us because I won't have as much to talk about. Feels like a lose-lose situation. What do you think I should do?

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kisobel's picture
Feb 13, 2018

@Paul123 - It might be a good idea to go to the appointment you made and explain to her what you said here and how you feel you made an impulsive decision. You could talk about what led you to call and how you later had second thoughts. If she has the time available to see you, why not use it to explore these feelings of being embarrassed and impulsive and talk about ways to understand it. When you say "shrink" I assume you mean a therapist and not a psychiatrist? Best!

WilliamJoe's picture
Feb 13, 2018

Keep the appointment.

Paul123's picture
Feb 13, 2018

@kisobel I did mean my therapist. Thank you you're right that might be a good idea.


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