Oh i thought in 26 i will have my flat, good relationship ,

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Oh i thought in 26 i will have my flat, good relationship , career and maybe a dog and i will get pregnant and start a family.
Ok i'm 25 and i'm renting a flat, working a job i like but it pays ****** and i am soooooo lonely .
What is happening..

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Apr 21

@Maria40m You are so right!

Apr 23

I can feel you! Just turned 26, unstable life, suck at relationships, hate my job and live in shared houses. I got to a point that now I decided to turn my life around and find a better job somewhere else. Start fresh (and escape from life for a bit...)
Try to see it different: You do rent a flat and have a job you like! Money aint everything. So that is a good start :) And in my friends circle I see more and more people who do not have stable relationship/children etc by the age of 30. We may have more difficulties with relationships, but also generally the settling down age changed a lot. We will get there one day! Lets stay strong together!!

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Apr 23

@Girl-91 i have also heard that 30 is the new 20 , so that works for me in some way :)))


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