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Living life with bpd is so strange and tough. It's as if no

Living life with bpd is so strange and tough. It's as if no one understands your feelings or the intensity behind your emotions. I know my emotions are not so called normal, my reaction are much more emotional then necessary and my mood swings are erratic. The more I try to control it or think before I react it doesn't seem to work. My mind takes me above and beyond what is considered normal...... I know I'm different, I feel that this could be a gift because who can love so deeply. No one really experiences love in this way so it can be a blessing, yet it is also a curse because when I am hurt, betrayed or let down the pain causes me to instantly go to extremes. I have attempted suicide, literally on my death bed and though I should be happy and appreciate life more now I can not get away from the pain or thoughts that I do not belong in this life. It is so hard because I want to love life and those around me but i feel more threatened and afraid to let my guard down ever since I was betrayed. I'm lost... I use to be optimistic now I find myself lacking happiness and I am not sure where to go from here, or where to start regaining the joys of life.

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Apr 16

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