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It just dawned on me when my college professor emailed me ab

It just dawned on me when my college professor emailed me about classes starting tomorrow . I all of sudden feel overwhelmed. I feel like I want to scream and cry. This year hasn’t been a good year last semester was horrible I failed everything . I feel like I can’t do it . I have no reason to give up. No reason to feel like I cant go on, but some how at the same time everyday my emotions become so self draining it hurts. I could talk to my therapist all day. Talk to family or friends about it and I still feel misunderstood . Lonely . I just can’t believe I can’t get a hold on my emotions my life. Who I am . It sucks everyday. I just want to be better . Then I get so angry .

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Aug 11

It is really admirable that you are taking charge and trying to get better and talking about it. You can regulate your emotions. It is possible. Are you using much mindfulness these days? Sending lots of support your way. Best!........Kisobel


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