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Is it wrong to have a need to vent or dump one's stuff? Nobo

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Is it wrong to have a need to vent or dump one's stuff? Nobody IRL ever comes to me for an ear, so I'm not sure if they just dump on their significant other or if they stuff everything or if they all have therapists. Remember, I'm the one therapists don't want to work with because of my personality type, so what am I to do?

I do read self-help books, and I'm trying to learn to be braver about the stupid challenges that get thrown my way. But sometimes it's all too much. And doing it solo takes a lot of courage, but then we hear from society that we are rejects for not being paired up. Instead of the extra respect we should get.

I just ... I had to cut my hair because of a skin condition. I can't find a decent, affordable wig (who is buying and wearing all these cheap, fake-looking ones?). So people stare at my wig. Well, I don't think they want to look at my real hair right now, so deal with it. Somebody talking on a cell phone ran a red light and almost T-boned me today while I was driving to the doctor. I was at the doctor's office for an hour and a half just to get a refill on my Ambien. One of my foreign neighbors told his 6-year-old that the kid wasn't allowed to come down and talk to me anymore "because there are bugs and dirt on my end of the building." I live in a hell hole of an apartment, but I can't move because I can't find a place that lets cats roam outside in a safe green area, and I can't afford to rent a house (not sure I want to anyway).

There's more. And yes, there are a few nice things, like watching a movie in the evening, but it doesn't help me cut through the steady onslaught of ... I don't know, I'm just picturing some horrible Monty Python and the Holy Grail conglomerate of shrubs, evil knights, and LSD-inspired animations.

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Oct 8

it isn't wrong at all. what other people do, who knows? sorry about the living space. I know what that is like. I was able to move, but I don't have cats. who cares about the wig? bet it looks awesome on ya.

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Oct 10

You should try a psychologist. They actually have more insight from going to med school. I'm not saying all psychologist are great, but the only person who was able to truly help me and advise me through "therapy sessions", was a psychologist. Unfortunately, I had started seeing him court ordered over a DUI. By the time I was almost done with my probation, the psychologist had died from heart problems. I thought, just my luck. I finally find someone who I feel I actually learned and progressed from, and then he dies before I can have one, one on one sessions with him. But check out some more experienced psychologist. It may help.

Oct 13

I actually deteriorate quite a bit if I have an issue or opinion and can’t get it out
As soon as I say my piece I feel fine


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