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In the past few weeks I have had two separate meet ups with

In the past few weeks I have had two separate meet ups with people that I thought went great - I definitely enjoyed them - and they seemed to have a good time as well. But afterwards...nothing. Nary a word from them. Texts and even and email go unanswered. Active on other social media though. Completely ghosted. It's not the first time this has happened but it still is painful. Perhaps I just get attached too quickly. In fact, I know I do. But still. I've been really, overly, depressed over this for the past few days, moreso than usual. Distractions have not worked, which is scary. I'm probably taking it too hard but it still hurts. It's just been impossible to make friends with anyone since my ex and I broke up over two years ago. It would have been so much better if I didn't push her away.

Am I really just that unlikable and completely blind to it?

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Nov 7

@2complex do you mean try to grow the relationship? As in seed?

2complex's picture
Nov 8

I'm not sure what I really meant. Anyway it doesn't matter anymore. They just stopped responding. *shrug*

kisobel's picture
Nov 16

@2complex - Well, we're here for you and will always respond. You are a valuable person and I am so glad you joined our group!


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