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In the last 3 months I lost my best friend for 2.5 yrs longe

In the last 3 months I lost my best friend for 2.5 yrs longest ive had and 1st I opened up 100%, the girl I was involved with for 2.5 months destroyed that one fast, and now the last person/close friend that was in my support system. She was the one I turned to when the depression was bad and I became suicidal. Got diagnosed with BPD 2.5 weeks ago. She was helping me work through receiving the diagnoses and the lost of the girl I was involved with. Its nice to know why I am the way I am but doesn't help the fact that Ive lost and hurt everyone I get close to. Im feeling very alone. Tired of hurting the people I care for and tired of the pain when they leave. will it ever end? will it ever get better? I don't see how.

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May 18

Why do you think it’s you hurting others, by the way?

May 19

im the only common variable in there lives. plus they all leave hating me.

May 19

My heart cries for you. It is natural to want someone you can open up to, and it is difficult to lose long term friends. Much as we need and want them relationships can be quite complicated and sometimes we need an objective person to help us evaluate what is going on. Have you considered finding an experienced mentor or a professional counsellor to help you figure out what is going on and how to resolve it? I know Focus on the Family offers a free call with a licensed counsellor There may be other organizations that offer similar services. Hang in there!


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