I'm in LDR, so my paranoia is often sky high. So this mornin

I'm in LDR, so my paranoia is often sky high. So this morning my boyfriend pulled a joke by not picking up my calls and telling me he was outside. That triggered me, esp when I called seeing him laughing at me while he was only in his room watching movies. I lost myself at that moment, I was so mad because he's aware of my situation yet he's playing my emotions. I had micropsychotic episode after that, I gone mad. I cried, and hit myself. I am so tired. :( What do you guys do when you're having your episode?

Dec 7

I’m sorry this happened :( I have bad episodes like this when I lash out at myself & my partner. I find it really hard to stop myself, I’m sorry I don’t have advice but I hope things get better

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Dec 8

I’m sorry what is LDR? This happened to me. My boyfriend was home cleaning up like he had told me he’d be before I took a nap. Our conversation before me taking a nap was that he’d call and wake me up and I’d go over to his place. I woke up he didn’t call and when I called he wasn’t answering. That triggered me to call repeatedly and get dressed and storm into his room where he in fact was changing the sheets. I’m raging mad inside and somehow even seeing his phone on charge and him cleaning I couldn’t help but still stay angry. He chuckled like ‘relax’ while I’m going off. When I wouldn’t stop even though I clearly see what he was doing he got upset and our fight escalated. Inside I didn’t want it to get there. I could of walked in and said oh ok well I’ve been calling. But nothing in my power allowed me to do so. He asked me to leave since it was becoming sort of a scene and people could overhear us. It was a bad episode for me and afterwards I felt remorseful and horrible but in that moment I was lost to my emotions.

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