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Im in an outpatient treatment program right now and I'm so s


Im in an outpatient treatment program right now and I'm so scared of whatever is going to happen when I'm done with it. I don't know if I want to get better or if I want to stay like this. I'm worried that I'll always be plagued by suicidal thoughts and tendencies, constantly pushing people away. I feel hopeless.

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Jul 10

@agf27 - Take my word for it, your life is going to get a lot better. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 57 years old and after learning new skills and committing to meditation my life is so much better now than before. Actually, I think when you begin to see things in a new light that applies logic to emotion and are able to better handle distress - the real you will emerge. The person not suffering from the disorder has the opportunity to explore their own selves and develop a new and better person. Give it time. We are here to support you. Big hug.

Jul 11

Hi there, take a day at a time. Worrying and being anxious will just take you right back to where you started. Make the most of the this program. I hope this programme will equipped you with some coping methods that can help you to cope in the event when you are anxious. In the event if there is a relapse, are you able to call anybody or any department to keep you in check? We will be here with you and journey with you. YOu can always come back here and unload your thoughts through writing and writing will help you to cope too. Hope this helps. God bless!

Jul 11

I agree with @nightingale77, we will be here with you. And defn keep writing. It helps me a lot to either post her or write in my journal.


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