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Im at my grandmothers house, and she just got mad at me for

Im at my grandmothers house, and she just got mad at me for waking up at 11am.. and said 'you have to do something.. its obvious why you cant sleep at night' and so on.. but i just got so angry and sad and i walked up stairs and now im sitting in the bathroom crying.. ive had 3 nightmares again, which i have regularily about my abuser, and it scares me so much that i wake up, and i wish i could stop it so that i could sleep at night, but its not that easy and i already blame myself so much for not being able to sleep and thst i dont do much.. but i do have an illness, and it seems like she doesnt really want to understand and it hurts and it makes me want to not come here

Dec 5

I'm so sorry you are experiencing sleep and dream issues. Grandmothers come from a different generation. A generation where they didn't talk about illness. She probably has a preconceived idea of how life is lived. You are not part of her generation. You are in a generation where it's okay to talk. You may never reach her, but let her know that you don't mind talking about your life. While you are talking try to take interest in her life, as well. Have you ever asked her about her youth? I'm 63 and I'm sad that I never took the time to ask my grandparents about their lives.

She may be more receptive to conversation if you make it about her life, as well as, yours.


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