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I wanted to see if anyone is interested in a 12 step program

I wanted to see if anyone is interested in a 12 step program for self harm.

Working the steps is how I have been able to stop. And I would like to (and have gotten permission from AA's world service office to begin working on an adaptation of the 12 steps for self harm.

I know that many people say that self harm is intentional, and for attention. I respectfully disagree.

I feel that the reason it is so had to stop, is it is never a conscious decision to begin with.

The other problem I know of that this poses, is that it is said, that people "like" self harm. No, they don't, they hate it, they just feel better. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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newcomer94's picture
Jun 4

@Crazy8 I agree.

Jun 4

There are a few reasons people start and continue. But yeah, it does become an addiction just as powerful as any substance addiction. I think the program you're suggesting is a good idea. It could help a lot of people with this specific addiction

JCHF74's picture
Jun 5

@Bush560 I agree. Just looking for Person Number 2. The steps are how I was able to stop.


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