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I posted in another group and they stated it sounds like I h

I posted in another group and they stated it sounds like I have BPD. I have done therapy for years, both family and individual. I have even been in the hospital twice but no one diagnosed me with BPD. Two doctors did recommend DBT. I really want to do this. I am excited. Problems . Have bad health insurance. It is like medicad. It is called Well Care, it is offered through New York State. I have to find out if they cover it, I truly doubt it! Anybody know where one can do DBT but it is free or cheap? I live in Brooklyn, New York. It is near Manhattan.

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Sep 13

i have BPD and or PTSD and or DID and certainly self harm. I have been struggling to find a program that is suitable. I found a program in manhattan and it includes DBT but i am not very happy with DBT. That may be due to my particular disorder or illness or whatever it is. But I do know you would need insurance.

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Sep 14

@kisobel Thank you!

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Sep 14

@Jables - I tried contacting them today through email and will see if they respond and let everyone know if they do.


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