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I just feel like yelling. Not because i have something to be


I just feel like yelling. Not because i have something to be angry about. It's just too quiet. Everything is moving so much slower than me and it's honestly driving me crazy. It almost makes me want to hunt down something to yell at/about even though i know that will just hurt later. Makes me almost want to do a few bad/harmful things. Advice?

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Jun 13

@wdavis - not funny, I would appreciate it if you would apologize to @Bush560. Thanks.

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Jun 14

I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better. Have a great day! Keep on posting, it's also a great way of releasing your emotions. God bless.

Jun 15

@Bush560 I’m so glad to hear that! Honestly all I want is to see everyone in this support group feel better...


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