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I honestly don’t know how to make friends and have been su

I honestly don’t know how to make friends and have been suffering my whole life, because of it. Please give me realistic, genuine tips, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Sep 9

If you like window shopping, ask someone to go to the mall Christmas shopping. If you're into sports ask a person on the team to practise with you on the weekend. Since I don't know your likes and dislikes, it's difficult to gear advice to your needs.

Sep 9

I find if I'd talk about myself too much or be negative or complain a lot it can turn others off. So try to stay upbeat and keep conversation light.

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Sep 10

Welcome to the BPD Support Group - glad you found us! Forming and keeping healthy relationships is harder with BPD but there are definite skills we can learn and practice that help quite a bit. (I'm learning some of them right now in DBT/Dialectical BehaviorTherapy group.) Here are a few links for you (and anyone else who reads this who's struggling to make and keep friends) - hopefully there's something here that you find useful:


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