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I feel so very alone .everyone ends up leaving me and this i

I feel so very alone .everyone ends up leaving me and this is a fact not in my head.! and I want to scream hate everyone and everything but mostly I am just so hurt and long for friendship, for someone to understand me , just a real connection with someone. but I cannot make it happen for some reason and I am broken into a million pieces on the inside I feel, life is just unbearably sad for me


I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. Thank you for being brave enough to post anyways.

Jun 19

I understand your pain, especially now. If you ever want to chat with someone feel free to send me a message

Maria40m's picture
Jun 23

I feel your frustrations and every bpd warrior struggles with this trait... we tend to be very loyal to our friends but when we don’t receive the same loyalty back we start to doubt that person and loose that trust.. People are always going to do / say things you won’t like it’s how we deal with it... try not to take things to heart ...we all mess up and no one would ever have any friends if we over analyse things :)


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