I don't feel good enough. I'm too fat. I have problems with

I don't feel good enough. I'm too fat. I have problems with my teeth I'm diabetic. My hair is not thick enough. Then my skinny, beautiful cousin says she's thinking about getting breast enlargement and tummy tuck. Really. I'm the one who should do that.

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Jul 16

We have different definitions of "fat" and ugly". Most of the time I feel that I'm already too fat and some people around me also tell me that I am chubby because most Filipinas are thin (like "anorexic" thin). But if I go to America people would probably tell me that I'm thin.
The important thing is your health. I always tell people, "aim to be healthy, not to be sexy". What's the point of being a barbie doll if you're sick? If you want to lose weight, you have to do it for the right reason. Even if you look chubby or fat for other's as long as you are physically healthy then that's ok.
Given that you have diabetes, you have to monitor your food intake and exercise. I know it's challenging but it's possible!

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Jul 17

@Anonymous9413 I think you meant to reply to my post about a friend's suicide, so I got you! :)

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Jul 17

@ajohnston3578 - It's all relative. I have thin friends who can't gain weight and then there's me...overweight, headed towards high blood pressure and cholesterol and type II diabetes. And those are my issues that grow from my own crap. But think about this...if she's wanting surgeries to change herself, what are her issues? We all carry our own load and have our own journey. Don't take on hers.


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