i cant control my emotions and theyre all so overwhelming. i


i cant control my emotions and theyre all so overwhelming. i just moved to california for college and im already so stressed. i want to do something impulsive like cut off all my hair or just disappear off the face of the earth for a while but i know that once the thrill of that passes i'll go back to feeling numb and scared. im just so overwhelmed by all of my feelings and dont know how to cope. can anyone give me any advice on what to do to help ease the intensity of all my emotions? i just got my diagnosis a few months ago and still havent found what works best for me yet.

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Jan 15

Well, I know it's different with BPD. However I've read that going away to college is a very difficult time for most people away from home and their past. Lots of people become depressed during such times. I never went away for college, myself. I studied close to home and sometimes independent studies. One of my daughters went away to university when she was finishing up her degree. Two of my sons joined the military, so they went far away too. My youngest son had to seek the psychology clinic on campus for his own anxiety issues when we lost our insurance for awhile. He went to live with his sister, so in that sense he was away from his usual home, though he was with a relative. I'm thinking that's got to be pretty stressful for you, no doubt. I hope you settle in better, calmer, soon.


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