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I am not well. I am married to a BPD woman and am also BPD.

I am not well. I am married to a BPD woman and am also BPD. We have been togteher for two years. She has survived unbelievable trauma in her life. She is convinces and has me convinced at times that I have betrayed her and been unfaithful even though I am 100% obsessed with her and terrified when I cannot at least text or call her. She is now convinced that I never loved her and only wanted to use her as a stepping stone for something better. Nothing could be further from the truth, but if I deny it (and other accusations) she says I am lying. If I admit it then it is an admission that we have no relationship. We go through this cycle and eventually she will apologize and be totally loving again. We are starting therapy but today is extra hard for some reason.

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Jun 12

I am very sorry, and welcome! this is a very good group, and I think you will find a lot of understanding here.

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Jun 13

It sounds really challenging and frustrating, but it also seems like somehow you manage and I personally think this is beautiful...good luck with therapy I hope it will help!


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