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I AM ANGERY! At what? With every thing. No one cares or give

I AM ANGERY! At what? With every thing. No one cares or gives a **** what I feel or think. Example: I have a really good friend. He's almost the friend I never had. I know his family are going through some rough times, and I want to help them. Within in the past two years, I have loaned nearly $6000 to and his family. They thank me one day and the next day its like "what have you done for me lately?" I can't believe it some times. While he's working 12 hours, his wife demands that some one bring her fast food (there are no Uber Eats where they live). My friend was nearly begging me to get out of bed at 11pm, drive 45 minutes to an hour trip, pick up fast-food, and to her house. No stupid. Tell your wife "no" and let her deal with. What makes her so special that he can't see that that logic makes no sense. And you want to know what the money went to: helping pay their rent, Help them get the money to buy their house. Making sure they had food to eat. And almost begging to loan some money to treat his wife by going out. I know I joke about taking drugs and drinking lots of booze is not but a wall to cover my insecurities, but it's all starting to become very really. As I have increased in by alcohol drink and drug taking. Hell, I'll shamefully admit that I'm trying to get High, or am high, while writing all this. My friend said that he could pay the load monthly, no problem. He stood their and Lied to my face and I was too stupid to know any better. I know "Money" is a big Trigger for me, but I didn't worry because I was too blinded by wanting to stay friends, and pass the goodness in the world, that I believed he act;ally could pay it off monthly. Not while his wife, and her Bipolar disease, think that she should always come first and to possibly drop everything to come to her need. Things are not going to get better. Some times I think the only reason he stays with her wife is because of his daughter's shake.

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gia2016's picture
Feb 8

Go ahead keep writting if that helps and distract u from your drug addiction. Keep your mind busy.

kisobel's picture
Feb 9

@gia2016 - Your reply above is not a supportive response to @TheWeepingFox's post. I am not sure why you are posting in the BPD group? I see you are a member of the Anxiety group.

gia2016's picture
Feb 10

I am unconventional type of person. I also vizit BPD groups because my husband has BPD. So Ignore me kisobel. Dont fight me. I am not here to fight.


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