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I’m worried about the trauma surrounding my sexual and emo

I’m worried about the trauma surrounding my sexual and emotional experiences with men. I do not know HOW to feel about it in its entirety. My feelings are strong but with no stem. I do not who or what to blame. I have no idea how to make it stop. And if there simply is no end, how to cope properly. I do not like not know how to feel. I rather not feel at all.

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Jun 12

It is possible it is just general anxiety showing itself in the sexual arena or that something happened when you were young that you don't consciously remember or even a very strict upbringing can do that. Guilt can overwhelm sometimes for no reason. I found that taking magnesium and ginseng help a lot. They calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts. Also, counseling with someone you can trust that is not too close to you. If you can't afford it, many churches offer it free of charge. Group outings provide a safe environment to get to know people before an intimate commitment too. Pray for understanding and go as slow as you want to, don't get pressured into something you aren't ready for, it is your choice and life to live. <3


Find a same gender therapist who can do some trauma-informed therapy with you?

Jun 12

I agree you need to seek out a same gender therapist who can identify with your emotions. Also, if you have been sexually betrayed in relationships, I have a book suggestion. Intimate Deception by Dr. Sheri Keffer. Its a book to help you heal from sexual betrayal.


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