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Hugs to all in this support group. Our life's journey inclu

Hugs to all in this support group. Our life's journey includes being loved!!

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Apr 16

@Alainafirefly Monday is here, ready or not lol. Hoping your day is a step forward, dear!

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Apr 16

What helped you differentiate truth from fiction and how were you able to deal with your fears? My fear of abandonment has increased tremendously over the last year since I found out my partner was "talking" to someone else. He says he has since stopped and nothing more happen ed but when I initially asked he denied it. Now I lost all trust and though I want it to be better and I feel like he is trying idk how to let things go.

Apr 28

I was married four times and none of them worked out. I finally realize it was all my fault. I am trying to learn shills to be a better partner. I have heard from my fourth wife who says she still loves me. I am afraid that she has issues also. Good luck with your ex and love of your life I hope it all works out well for you


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