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Hi,umm idk i feel broken these days,my boyfriend has bpd and

Hi,umm idk i feel broken these days,my boyfriend has bpd and he feels bad for a month already and he says its gonna last for a long time,he told me he dsnt feel anything,that he doesnt feel love anymore,he told me he knows he loves me but he doesnt feel that,that there is no "us" its just him,alone,he dsnt need help and that he dsnt want anyone next to him,i feel bad because i love him and he told me he dsnt feel that but at the same time i understand that and i will stay there with him until everything is alright,can anyone who reads this text me or something because i need some help to get trough this

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May 14

Yeah it is new relationship,we re together for 5 months and i never heard of bpd before,and yeah i dont push him with anything,because ik he will be okay again,but im still confused about everything cuz its smtng new for me,thank u all for advice

May 16

Sorry for the confusion, I really didn't mean to offend anyone. I just feel repetitive saying "people with BPD" so often. In this case I was just trying to reference the already astablished topic of bpd.

I have the utmost companion for how difficult it is for the people suffering from this issue. I have been very close to many mental health issues threw out my life and I just want her to proceed with caution.

May 16

There is no reason to panic, the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself. The struggle that arises from most relationships with a BPD (in my experience) is the person trying to help too much and losing themselves in the other persons issues.

Do lots of research, and don't take any big steps forward in the relationship like moving in or merging your finances. This can make you feel traped if the relationship goes south and it's never a bad idea to be extra careful with this sort of stuff, even with non BPD relationships.


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