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Hi guys, my name is robyn and I have a partner who has BPD w

Hi guys, my name is robyn and I have a partner who has BPD where his always up and down with moods and only just recently he got me to read up on information on BPD to understand him but there are nights he wont sleep at all and days his asleep all day then there are nights he wont sleep then by morning his got the doona in his little office area asleep in there in a very quiet area where really he could only fit in there so do I just let him sleep in there until his ready to come out and yes there is days where I get blamed for everything yet I have done nothing wrong which he said its because of his BPD but I do not want to break up with him I want to get through this with him and not leave him due to it as I will never leave his side for anything.

Jul 10

As long as he keeps being honest and open about his issues and you take a good look into the disorder you guys should be able to get through it. Idk worst comes to worst at least cope with it. I'm going through the same things with my girlfriend and some days can be great and others can be pure chaos. She never has done anything wrong to me. Yet I still can't seem to get it through my head for more than twenty four hours without some kind of shift in my perspective. She's got issues too so it's nice to not feel judged wich helps the most out of anything she can do. I'm starting counceling this Saturday so hopefully that starts to help. Good luck!

Jul 10

Thankyou yeah I am having trouble understanding but I can't talk to him about his disorder as he said because it is telling him what to do to fix it when as he said he knows what to do and for me to let him fix it his ways so I am but his very honest and open and I guess from my part I may have to just be there as his short no matter what or how hard it can be


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