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Hi everyone...looking for advice and support I’ll try to k

Hi everyone...looking for advice and support I’ll try to keep it as short as I can...I’ve known my partner for 2 1/2 years been in a serious relationship for a year...he was diagnosed as bipolar for many years...roughly six months ago I found he’d been messaging quite a few girls asking for sex...promises me he didn’t do anything. I forgave him in the assurance that he would go seek help as I thought he had bpd not fast forward to now after months of fighting to get a diagnosis he was eventually seen on Saturday and diagnosed as having bpd...the day before I found out he’d unblocked one of these girls and been messaging her again and I also found out he’s been on dating sites...I said nothing until after his diagnosis as I didn’t want to muck that up for him but he knew something wasn’t right with me and was starting to get pissed off so I told him I knew on Saturday night...he promised me he hadn’t cheated and only looks on these sites when he’s bored...he needs constant attention and thinks he can get it from others...I promised I would be there and support him and I want to I know what an amazing guy he is and that he has an illness that he’s struggling with...his answer is always you’re going to leave me anyway I wish he could see how much I love him but I know that’s part of his struggle....any help or advice would be most appreciated

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Feb 11

Also, you need to look after yourself. You will be suffering beside him, and it's likely he won't see that, nor understand what you are feeling. You will need support for yourself, so a good friend, or family member that is willing to assist you through this will help immensely.


He was only diagnosed on Saturday via an online appointment they have prescribed him drugs (he doesn’t know what yet) they said it will help with sleeping as he doesn’t sleep well at all and he will see the same psychiatrist in 3 weeks via online appointment again. He’s told him there will be lots of therapies he will receive and it will be a long hard process. I should mention I’m currently sitting my honours degree in psychology so I have knowledge of behaviours and maybe that’s why I’m the only person to understand him...though I’ve never been presented with bpd I’ve done my research in order to try and understand his feelings and understand how I can support him but your own personal journey has been the most valuable information I could have received I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with me and the advice it brought with it. You sound in a much better place now and I hope this continues for you


Much appreciated :) thanks for listening u have brought so much comfort


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